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Member Services

SDREA provides the following services to its members:


  • Design and Promote Training and Educational Programs
    • New Directors Orientation Workshop
    • Newsletter Editors Workshop
    • NRECA Training Programs
    • Office Services Support Staff Workshop
    • Retirement Seminars
    • Work Order Procedures Workshop


  • Organize Association Meetings
    • Assists with speakers/Agendas/Lodging/Facilities
    • Managers
    • Member Services
    • Office Managers/Accountants
    • Line Superintendents
    • Foreman
    • NUTSEA
    • Quad State


  • Conduct Youth Excursion to Basin Electric Power Facilities
  • Conduct Youth Tour to Washington, D.C.
  • Conduct Consumers Tour/Legislator Tour to Basin Power Plants
  • Organize Touchstone Energy┬« Cooperatives at the State Fair and Dakotafest
  • Organize SDREA Annual Meeting and SDREA Legislative Dinner
  • Conduct Wage and Salary Survey
  • Assist Stray Voltage Task Force with Guidelines and Training
  • Coordinate Usage of Neon Leon Demonstration Unit
  • Conduct Membership Surveys Regarding Various Rural Electric Issues